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VEER CHEMICALS became a partner of CEVAL INDUSTRY CO. LTD. in the year of 2007 with prime responsibility of international business development in Asia Pacific, South America, Middle East, North America and Europe. Our partner CEVAL INDUSTRY CO. LTD.

Aluminium Tripolyphosphate

  • Environment friendly white anti rust pigment and does not contain harmful heavy metal elements like chromium and Lead.
  • Excellent anti rust performance. Aluminium Tripolyphosphate has better anti-corrosive properties compared to conventional corrosion inhibitors such as Zinc Molybdate, Lead, Lead Chromate, and Zinc Chromate.
  • Excellent substitute of Zinc Phosphate.
  • Good adhesion & impact resistance.
  • Free toning , can be formulated in to all kinds of coating.
  • Applicable to high heat resistance paint up to 800C.
  • Approved by multinational companies and exported to many countries.