Product Features

  • Environment friendly white anti rust pigment and does not contain harmful heavy metal elements like chromium.
  • Excellent anti rust performance.
  • Good adhesion & impact resistance and strong heat resistance.
  • Free toning , can be formulated in to all kinds of coating.
  • Excellent substitute of Tio2 and Zinc Phosphate.
  • Approved by multinational companies and exported to many countries.


Product Application

  • Product has good compatibility, can be formulated in to coatings in different systems with all kinds of resins.
  • Suitable for water based and solvent based system.
  • An ideal replacement of lead and chromium series antirust pigments.
  • Suitable for the field of Ceramic Glaze.

Product Model

  • NOELSON TM TP-301/TP-303 / TP-306 / TP-308 / …..NOELSON TM TP-ZCP..