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CEVAL manufacturing facilities are housed with most modern tools, technologies and processing machineries to accept and deliver any sized orders from our clients. We house special team of quality experts, supervisors, foreman and technical heads to assure international quality and standard for our products. With our head office and warehouse in SHANGHAI, we serve to the needs of the clients in within the country and world with a professional spirit.

Our experts are always on creative workshop and talents hunt to bring best quality of Organic & In Organic Pigments to the world market. Infrangibly commitment to provide quality Pigments at affordable rates is what gifts us with unique position in the heart of our customers and international market.


Noelson Chemicals is a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive specialty chemicals. Since 1996, Noelson Chemicals invested and established his production plants in inland China, like Noelson Micro-powder Industry Inc., Noelson Chemicals (Nanjing) Co., Ltd., Noelson Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Noelson Chemicals Technology Co., Ltd., according to the standard of leading technologies for research and development, production and supply of various products with advanced world standard.

Our one-stop service concept of unique special antirust pigments and conductive & antistatic agents products, has won the position of the industry leader.