Glass Flakes

Product Features

  • Non toxic, Odorless, 100% environment friendly product.
  • Strong ability to resist corrosion , especially stands out from its acid resistance & decay resistance.
  • Excellent aging resistance , Its performance better than any other anticorrosive medium.
  • High temperature resistance , anti friction , low thermal expansion coefficient.
  • UV resistance & good color stability.
  • NoelsonTM Glass Flakes series is one of the most outstanding brand in Asia Pacific. Similar to the performance of all international brands and being consumed by top notch companies of the world.

Product Application

  • Glass Flake has good compatibility, can be formulated into industrial anticorrosive coatings with all kinds of resin.
  • Mixed with dedicated resin for making daub , applying to desulfurization equipment of thermal power plants.
  • Suitable for all types of engineering plastics , can greatly improve its overall performance.
  • Suitable for pearlescent pigments & pesticide production.

Product Model

  • NOELSON TM :- NCF 600 / NCF 160 / NCF 140
  • NOELSON TM F-SF (Ultrafine film thickness, conforming to U.S. FDA standards)
  • We can also offer customized Glass Flakes suitable to requirement of client.